New Rap City

Neno Broun

With this particular project Neno Broun displays his diversity in lyrical content, flow and delivery. Just from viewing the mixtapes cover artwork, it is evident that Neno Broun represents for his native country of Saint Vincent And The Grenedinces. Listeners will hear the west indian born mcs, Caribean influence on tracks like "Tugga Tugga Ridmn" , "Gal Ah Bubble" remix, and "Do Sumn" remix. The Junior Reid sampled "Black Roses" delivers hard hitting barz with substance and consciousness. Other songs like "The Way You Do It" & "Take It To The Head" remix, offer a more smooth club vibe for the ladies, with a radio friendly sound that is sure to get the party started. Overall this project has the classic 90s combination of good lyrics, tight flows, and catchy beats. This is also complimented by good concepts and creative interludes. Ultimately the mixtape speaks for itself and it is surely worth checking out. So without any further ah do Neno Broun presents NEW RAP CITY!

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    Outro 1:06

Welcome to www.nenobroun.com. The main goal and purpose for this site is to create a platform for the up and coming hip hop mc Neno Broun. This webpage allows Neno to display his music and brand exclusively. The first project to premiere on this site is Neno Brouns "New Rap City" mixtape. On this particular project listeners will be able to hear Neno Brouns unique flow, delivery, and diversity in lyrical content. Neno Broun also show's his Caribbean roots, through a mixture of hip hop and dancehall/soca influenced records. The West Indian born rapper has even coined these two styles as Dancehop and Sochop. As a well rounded artist  Neno is always willing to push the envelope with his music. This willingness to go out of the box keeps things interesting and fresh with Neno Broun. While this mixtape is Neno Broun's first solo effort, there will certainly be other future projects in the work. In the meantime however checkout the "New Rap City" mixtape here @ www.nenobroun.com.

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