Neno Broun is an up and coming hip-hop artist/songwriter from Roosevelt, Long Island. The  L.I. mc is recognized amongst his peers for his diverse flow, sound, and lyrical content. Originally born on the small Island nation of Saint Vincent and The Grenedines, Neno has always incorporated ah bit of Caribbean influence into his music. While major artist such as Drake and Tory Lanes have done the same, the Vincentian born mc seen this as an opportune time for him to make a push.  Neno Broun is currently gearing up for the release of his day view mixtape "New Rap City".

 Neno Broun began writing rhymes in the mid 90s at about the age of thirteen. He and his older brother would eventually form a rap crew with some friends, called the Lethal Assassins. In the beginning the group, recorded their raps on a karaoke machine, at a local friends house. Together they honed their rhyme skills, often times battling among each other. It was during one of these battles that Neno was called out, by the same individual who owned the karaoke machine that they all recorded on.

After being called the weakest member of his crew Neno began writing rhymes relentlessly. Over time he further developed his rapping abilities, while also earning the respect of the same person that had once insulted his lyrical capabilities. From that point on Neno would continue to write and record his raps at different home studios.  After graduating high school, he would hook up with another young and hungry rapper/producer named Eclipse. Together the two would put out a mixtape titled "Animals in the building. While the reception from this project was good, Neno felt that he needed to push harder with his music. It was at this point that he decided to begin working on the "New Rap City" project.

Upon returning from a vacation to his native country (SVG) in 2009, Neno fell in love with the soca/dancehall music that played during the many carnival festivities. The experience inspired Neno to experiment, with a unique mixture of soca/dancehall and hip hop. He fittingly named this blending of these three genres as Dancehop & Sochop. The first Dancehop record to be recorded by Neno is called "Tugga Tugga Ridmn". The catchy ridmn also has its own dance, that was created by Neno himself. This unique style is a hybrid combination of hip hop rhyme schemes, over dancehall influenced beats.  Trying something new, Neno  would add this record onto his "New Rap City" mixtape. The first official single off of the mixtape however, is a smooth and fun hip hop & R&B collaboration a called "The Way You Do It". Also featured on the mixtape is a Junior Reid sampled track called "Black Roses". This record particular record shows a more conscious side to the West Indian born mc.

In addition to the "New Rap City" project, there will be other future releases from Neno Broun. Over the years he has collaborated with his brother (Mercyilla), as well a some other mcs/producers, forming the Dymond Coalition rap crew. After deciding to take a more business approach, Neno would incorporate his own production company S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers) Productions. Through this company Neno plans to release additional projects from Artist/Producer Eclipse, and long time friend/former Lethal Assassins member Dange.  For now potential fans can check out the "Black Roses" video on youtube. In addition to this there will be a cash prize give aways, for the lead single "The Way You Do It". For information on this you can follow Neno Broun at Neno Broun Music on Facebook, and @nenobroun on Instagram. Neno Broun has been pursuing a career in music for quite a while now, and while he isn't getting any younger he is certainly getting wiser about his approach. It should be an interesting journey for the Long Island raised mcs, so for those that who want ah little bit of that old soul with a fresh spin on it, buckle up for the ride and enjoy the vibes. Neno Broun presents "New Rap City".

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Neno Broun performing at a Garifuna event.

Neno Broun performing at a Garifuna event.